Data Handling

Big Data is no Problem

While it is true that storage is cheap, once your data gets to be in the Gigabytes backing up, replicating and maintaining a large database can be a challenge. We can get you set up with redundant mirrored databases, transaction logging so you can restore to any point and handle regular back ups, database maintenance and routine disaster recovery simulations.

Data Migration

There are a lot of legacy systems out there. You might have an accounting system you can't give up, or a point of sale software that runs your whole business. But, don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't have access to that data in a more user friendly format. Let us help you get all the historical and real time information piped into one place where you can run any type of report on it.

Data Reporting

Development is not completed until the complete process is automated, recorded, and finally reported. We can capture, store and report all your data and send the reports to you in the format you need, automatically!