Cloud Management

Cloud Hosting Expertise

We specialize in setting up Cloud hosted services using Amazon web services. Amazon's pay per usage model and wide range of tools and services makes it ideal for almost all projects. If you need high scale-ability, load balancing over multiple servers and cloud file storage backed up in multiple data center locations, then AWS is for you.

Reduce on premise costs

Network and hardware issues can be extremely expensive, not to mention that depreciation on the equipment and the costs to upgrade or replace outdated hardware. Cloud hosting allows you access to the latest hardware and the ability to scale as you grow on the fly. Contact us to see how much your network could be improved and how much you could save at the same time.

Other Hosting options

There are a lot of hosting options. We have experience with Amazon, RackSpace, Digital Ocean, SoftLayer, Host Gator, BlueHost and others. We can help you find the right fit for your business.