About Us

Invado Media is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to help businesses of all sizes meet their technology goals. Whether its better reporting, automation, or streamlining back offices processes we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to complete your project on time and on budget.

We can create a technology strategy, scope out the details  and properly plan, execute and deliver your project. If you need a development team that can work through all the obstacles to get to the goal please contact us so we can get started. Invado is a latin word meaning to enter, go into or invade – we are passionate about technology and conquering new projects. Let us give you the development ambition you need to set your business apart in your industry.

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Shane MacKay BSc. BEd.
Owner and Founder

Shane has more than 15 years of back end development experience on hundreds of projects in all kinds of industries and for all types and sizes of companies. For the last few years he’s been managing a development team on an enterprise project requiring high availability, scale-ability, and agile development in a completely redundant and instantly recoverable production environment. He is an expert in PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and us familiar with lots of other programming languages and databases. Let’s not forget frameworks and libraries and content management systems! He is experienced in Cake PHP, Expression Engine, Code Ignitor, Zend framework, Ruby on Rails, Magento, Bootstrap, JQuery, node js, WordPress, Drupal, and many of their plugins, extensions, or add-ons. He is a true problem solver and loves finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

When you contact Invado Media you will definitely get to talk to him.