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Custom Development

Custom back end systems to connect all the data, manage and grow your business. Our custom solutions are light and nimble allowing you to get exactly what you need without the overhead and restrictions of an off the shelf software or framework. We also do Facebook Apps, Email Campaigns, Point of Sale and Merchant Account integration, and custom reporting.

Data Handling

We automate the collection and reporting of data. Get the information you need from all your sources and get real time access to your key performance indicators or have summaries emailed or texted automatically to you. We can set up data replication, transaction logging, regular backups and implement a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud Management

Take your data to the cloud. Enjoy the security, reliability and availability of your application all while saving money. We specialize in Amazon Web Services including storage in S3, keeping databases on Elastic Block Storage volumes, load balancing and automated spin up (or down) of servers to always meet demand. We also work with RackSpace cloud sites and cloud hosted servers. Big or small, we can help you realize your goal to move to the cloud.

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